Thaw ~ Freedom from Frozen Feelings Online Course
Thaw ~ Freedom from Frozen Feelings Online Course:

Course Summary & A Message from Don: The lessons in this course are taken directly from the first book in my Thawing the Iceberg Series. There are now 6 books in the series now and this course is at the foundation of them all.

Taking time to go through this course, answering all of the suggested journal questions adding some of your own questions, will be a great primer as you go into specific areas for recovery. The information you gather will be extremely useful in the other courses. Reading them months or years later is an incredible experience. You will find patterns and see personal growth. I will soon be offering coaching calls, webinars, and small groups.
Have a good journey!
Free Penzu Journal
Just as it is with this course, several of the courses in the Serenity Cafe Academy are designed for use with or without using a journal. A few courses require a journal. Use whatever makes you feel safe and comfortable. I recommend the online Penzu Journal for several reasons. Here are just a few:

  • The FREE version is great You can customize it You can use speech to text with your phone
  •  It's secure, you have to use a password
  • You can add attachments, such as pictures and images (Great for Inner Child Work!)
  • You can share your entries with pother users
  • The app will send you an email years from now reminding you of what you wrote

Thawing Abandonment, Shame, and Contempt
Moderate-to-severe cases of abandonment come from situations in which the child does not fully, reliably, or consistently get their emotional dependency needs to be met such as when the child lives in a shame-based family system.

When parents do not meet the needs of their children it is not usually because the parents don’t love them. I say ‘usually’ because there are those cases that one cannot understand, accept, explain, or excuse for any reason. But most parents do the best they can, given the internal and external resources they possess, to take care of their children. In fact, I cannot count the times I have heard parents say “I try hard to make sure my kids have it better than I did.” This speaks very loudly to me. It says that these parents are familiar with unmet dependency needs. So, most often it is not the parent’s lack of love or effort that is to blame. Wounded people wound people!

Thaw - Sample of Contents (Each Lesson is Accompanied by a Complimentary List of Journal Prompts)

  • Lesson 1: "What the hell is wrong with you?" Motivation, Dependency Needs, Iceberg Model
  • Lesson 2: Anatomy of an Emotional Wound Abandonment, Shame, & Contempt - The False Self
  • Lesson 3: The Art of Survival External Focus, Impression Management - The Invented Self
  • Lesson 4: Who am I Really? Imperfect World & Spirituality - The True Self
  • Lesson 5: Distractions & Dependencies Addictions, Obsessions/Compulsions, and Other Issues
  • Lesson 6: Codependency & Control Drama Triangle, Punish/Forgive, Enabling, Distance & Pursuit
  • Lesson 7: Creating Frozen Feeling-States Fight-Flight-or-Freeze and the Figure 8
  • Lesson 8: Meeting the Family-of-Self, Ego-States, and the Wounded Inner Children
  • Lesson 9: Homeostasis & Hitting Bottom Reaching Out, Resistance, & Relapse
  • Lesson 10: The Tip of the Iceberg First things First, Networks of Addiction, Signs of Addiction
  • Lesson 11: Developing a Safe Container Letting Go of Codependency & Turning the Focus Inward
  • Lesson 12: Thawing Frozen Feeling-States Rewiring the Brain, Logical Levels, Neural Nets & the 12-Steps
  • Lesson 13: Pathways of Ongoing Recovery

NOTE: Find a journal to keep notes as you go through each lesson. If you do not already have one, find a journal you are comfortable recording your thoughts and feelings about what stands out to you is critical. I like the Free Online Penzu Journal.

Full 30-Day Refund guarantee: If any of the products do not work on your device I will return the purchase price for all of the products, no questions asked.

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Don Carter's Thawing the Iceberg Bundle

Thawing - Freedom from Frozen Feelings is the "flagship" release in Don's Thawing the Iceberg Series (Oct 2011). The most recent release was Thawing the Spirit (Mar 2023). The books include. Thawing the Iceberg Online Bundle includes ONLINE COURSES for each of the six books in the series.

  • Thaw - Freedom from Frozen Feelings
  • Thawing Adult/Child Syndrome
  • Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues
  • Thawing Toxic Relationships
  • Thawing Addiction
  • Thawing the Spirit - Blending Science with Spirituality From a Biblical Perspective
About the Author

An Integrative Psychotherapist and recovered alcoholic/addict, and author of the bestselling Thawing the Iceberg Series, Don Carter MSW, LCSW wrote Thawing Addiction as a way of paying forward his personal, professional, academic, and spiritual blessings. Serenity Cafe Recovery Center is the online companion for The book. Don holds advanced certification and experience in the treatment of trauma, Complex PTSD, attachment wounds, mood disorders, addictive disorders, and relationship issues.

In personal recovery himself, Don has accumulated over thirty-five years of specialized training and experience in the use of clinical hypnosis, ego-state therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), EMDR, Gestalt Therapy, and other complementary forms of psychotherapy,

Uniquely qualified to help others find the gift of recovery, Don shows readers the specific traps and how to cope. In 1986 he completed a 28-Day Inpatient treatment program to begin his journey, In 1994 he became the manager of an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for 8 years before going into private practice.

What Else Can Members Expect:

  • The wounding process experienced by those who were raised in a less-than-nurturing family
  • How those emotional wounds show up in various personal and interpersonal problems in adulthood
  • An innovative, easy-to-understand, integrated model of addiction, codependency, enabling relationships, Adult/Child Syndrome
  • How fear of abandonment, toxic shame, and contempt for self or others are created by trauma and attachment wounds
  • Members can sign-up for individual and small group coaching for an affordable, discounted fee.
  • Members can register for and attend regular Q&A coaching calls and webinars at Serenity Cafe Live!

Serenity Cafe Live!
It has been Don's vision to grow an online Intensive Recovery Coaching Program and community including small group coaching sessions for various kinds of addictions, codependency, and Adult-Child Syndrome.

Through Serenity Cafe Live! Don will personally facilitate regular Q&A coaching calls, small group coaching, and live webinars for all Serenity Cafe Members, some for free and some for an affordable, discounted fee (For more information contact Don at

Serenity Cafe Live! includes:
  • Live Q&A Coaching Calls & Replays
  • Live Webinars & Replays
  • Small Group Coaching Online
  • One-on-One Recovery Coaching Sessions
  • Online Recovery Rooms

NOTE: Serenity Cafe Live! does not replace professional therapy and treatment, but is a great supplement!