Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues Course
Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues:
The Wounding Process was Developmental in Nature, This Developmental Recovery Process is Ideal for Healing.

  • STOP living life in reaction
  • START living life on life's terms - proactively
  • STOP doing your pain in advance
  • START letting go of worries, anxieties, and fears
  • STOP re-experiencing painful emotional themes
  • START healing emotional triggers
Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues mimics the developmental processes of childhood. During the developmental stages of childhood, the emotional pain that accumulated during the first stage of development was carried forward as a foundation for the work of the second stage, then the combined pain from the first and second stages are carried forward as a foundation for the experience of the third stage, etc.

Similarly, the healing that accumulates as you work through the first stage is carried forward as a foundation for healing the second stage, then the combined healing from the first and second stages are carried forward as a foundation for healing the third stage, etc.

Developmental Tasks for Each Stage:
  • Preparation Module: Prepare for the Journey ahead… Develop a “Safe Container” for healing.
  • Stage One: Trust vs Mistrust; Develop your abilities for Trust, Safety, & Nurturing (including self-care), which in turn helps to attract and be attracted to trustworthy, safe people!
  • Stage Two: Autonomy vs Shame & Self-Doubt; Enhance your abilities for Boundary Setting, Independence, Curiosity, and Imagination
  •  Stage Three: Initiative (I can) vs Guilt (I can’t); Taking risks, overcoming limiting beliefs that hold us back will help you take the Initiative & increase our Willingness to Explore New Things
  • Stage Four: Industry vs Inferiority; Enhance your Self-Image While Developing a “Separate Sense-of-Self.”
  • Stage Five: Identity vs Identity Confusion (Diffusion); Answer that Question: “Who am I?” This can only come when we take off the mask of the “Invented Self” and heal enough of the “False Self” to connect with our True Self.
  • Stage Six: Intimacy vs Isolation; All of this work will transform “How We Love & Work with Others” helping to have better, more enriching relationships!

There is a strong focus on experiencing, integrating, and releasing the emotions of the past. For this reason, the program relies heavily on its many experiential audio programs to facilitate the emotional component to that healing process.

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Don Carter's Thawing the Iceberg Bundle

Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues is the third release in Don's Thawing the Iceberg Series (Sept 2018). The most recent release was Thawing the Spirit (Mar 2023). The books include. Thawing the Iceberg Online Bundle includes ONLINE COURSES for each of the six books in the series.

  • Thaw - Freedom from Frozen Feelings
  • Thawing Adult/Child Syndrome
  • Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues
  • Thawing Toxic Relationships
  • Thawing Addiction
  • Thawing the Spirit - Blending Science with Spirituality From a Biblical Perspective
About the Author

An Integrative Psychotherapist and recovered alcoholic/addict, and author of the bestselling Thawing the Iceberg Series, Don Carter MSW, LCSW wrote Thawing Addiction as a way of paying forward his personal, professional, academic, and spiritual blessings. Serenity Cafe Recovery Center is the online companion for The book. Don holds advanced certification and experience in the treatment of trauma, Complex PTSD, attachment wounds, mood disorders, addictive disorders, and relationship issues.

In personal recovery himself, Don has accumulated over thirty-five years of specialized training and experience in the use of clinical hypnosis, ego-state therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), EMDR, Gestalt Therapy, and other complementary forms of psychotherapy,

Uniquely qualified to help others find the gift of recovery, Don shows readers the specific traps and how to cope. In 1986 he completed a 28-Day Inpatient treatment program to begin his journey, In 1994 he became the manager of an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for 8 years before going into private practice.

What Else Can Members Expect:

  • How the emotional wound of abandonment, the emotional infection of shame, and the emotional scab of contempt creates a counterfeit "False Self."
  • How to initiate emotional healing in all six developmental stages of childhood
  • How healing the first stage creates a foundation for healing the second stage.
  • How a developmental recovery process mimics and reverses the wounding process
  • How the developmental tasks of each stage affect how we live and love How to target the appropriate stage of development to heal the emotional roots of dysfunctional patterns in relationships
  • Members can sign-up for individual and small group coaching for an affordable, discounted fee.
  • Members can attend regular Q&A coaching calls and webinars at Serenity Cafe Live!
Serenity Cafe Live!
It has been Don's vision to grow an online Intensive Recovery Coaching Program and community including small group coaching sessions for various kinds of addictions, codependency, and Adult-Child Syndrome.

Through Serenity Cafe Live! Don will personally facilitate regular Q&A coaching calls, small group coaching, and live webinars for all Serenity Cafe Members, some for free and some for an affordable, discounted fee (For more information contact Don at

Serenity Cafe Live! includes:
  • Live Q&A Coaching Calls & Replays
  • Live Webinars & Replays
  • Small Group Coaching Online
  • One-on-One Recovery Coaching Sessions
  • Online Recovery Rooms

NOTE: Serenity Cafe Live! does not replace professional therapy and treatment, but is a great supplement!